Vila Magna .. tallest building in the area, up in Montechoro ... view from Silchoro Hotel .. and you can just see the pinacle of Erin`s Isle` big tent ..

 On south Strip (Av. Sa Carneiro) the Aldeia, with recently re-furbished balconies - after a BBC prog. reported some unsafe ... no complaints since ...

Road train stop outside Brisa Sol and Vila Gale Cerro Alagoa in main road area, very popular in upper middle range .. main shopping/bus/taxi  just left.

Eirasol .. small place .. big apartments .. just off Worms rdbt on Rua Dunfermline .. handy for supermarket, Strip, bus, bars, restaurants, etc

Luna Hotel da Oura at Worms rdbt, shares a pool area with Oura Bay Hotel, left, a good position for Strip, supermarket and bus ..

 Just south of Vila Magna is Vila Petra .. a popular, quiet 4* , while 100 yards behind the camera is the North `Strip` ..

 Look right above Old Town square, lots of places to stay on Cerro Malpique, Cerro Branco ... and in east Old Town ...  Hotel California, Baltum, Turial Park.

 Middle of the Avenida Liberdade in Old Town is Residencial Capri, one of several `pensione` type establishments. Handy for bus, food, drink and music.

Tropica Sol ... opp. Eirasol, Rodrisol, Oura Hotel, just off Worms roundabout ... 5 mins to Strip .. handy for just about everything ... that`s why it is very popular.

Rodrisol ... next to Eirasol at Worms, lovely area and Fat Cat`s popular bar/rest and Angelu`s

 On Rua Vasco da Gama, Topazio has a wee minigolf layout, seen here, hotel right, their self-catering flats right and Areias Village, a modern 4* hotel, just beyond the pool ..
Rear of Ondamar from the adjacent Valmangude park. Right middle is
V`gude Jardim and right, edificio corner of Rua Dunfermline, which houses Verde Minho restaurant ..

 Mid- Rua 5th October, popular for restaurants, Steps, Tunnel, etc, is Regina Apts. Looking up R. Azevedo you can also just see Collina do Mar stickin oot ... behind camera, steps to Av. Liberdade and the Square ..

At Beato Vicente and opposite the old mansionhouse, Vila Sao Vicente and Rocamar  ... with view/access to Peneco Beach lift ... opp. right is Sol a Sur. Go left on R. Bombarda, for Vila Recife, down to Steps, Tunnel ..

 Varandas is in a good spot behind Alagoa Mar, Paladim, Paraiso, with Solaqua, Cantinho and Luna Miramar next to Modelo shopping ..